The sun is overhead and we see even clearer now. The umbrella shade of the pine trees, their sprawling branches, the steep cliffs and the never-ending sea of clouds floating so low. I would have held my hands out to touch the clouds if I could, their mesmerising beauty almost hynoptized me into believing the impossible is possible.





The sun rises out of the horizon, blinding us with its rays, lighting up the darkness. The silhouette of the cliffs, trees, ┬ádistant mountains are all amplified. They appeared taller and mightier under the rays. Mankind is but a speck of dust in nature’s greatness.


Top of the world

My all time favourite is this photo which I used as my blog’s header. It was memorable and significant for me because:

  1. I travelled very far to China to pay a visit to Huang Shan.
  2. I woke up at unearthly hours to shoot the sunrise.
  3. I trekked for an hour in the dark, risking falling off the cliff, before I reached the lookout point.
  4. What greeted me at sunrise took my breath away.
  5. No pain, no gain. Every time, I see this shot, I feel like I’m on top of the world, holding the most precious pearl in my hand, grateful to be alive to see the beauty of the world.