Been on a hiatus as I was learning how to bake.

This strawberry shortcake was my first attempt in blending flour and sugar to create the batter that would produce a soft sponge cake. The aesthetic and taste were incredible.

Feeling satisfied with my Samsung note food photography.

Yu sheng

“Lo Hei” is a tradition prevalent in Malaysia and Singapore during Chinese new year. A group of people tossed the dish “yu sheng” as high in the air as they could, while screaming auspicious words and hope their wishes will come true. In the toss and turn, the dish turns from neat to messy, and then gets eaten by the diners.

Immersed in a strange but festive tradition that brings on the fun and the joy with my Samsung Galaxy note.

Oishii 5 – Michelin

We managed to get seats in this quaint building without reservation, and had a delicious nabe hotpot seafood dinner in restaurant Kumagera, Furano, Hokkaido.

Then we saw foreign food variety shows had featured this place. Then I googled and found it received its one-star Michelin status in 2012. It was not planned as I said. We just got lucky and celebrated our anniversary there with a beautiful dinner.

Surprisingly delighted with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.