Sharing beauty

Man has an indescribable bond with nature. Animals and flowers are 2 things which never fail to cheer us up. I finally understand the fanatism which the Japanese have over the Sakura.

We caught the early Sakura peeping out of their buds in mid March. But the early shy bloom has an understated beauty. It was delicately and serenely beautiful.

If you ask me where is the most beautiful place to see sakura, I’ll choose the blooms in the parks. Beauty should not be closed up in castles for the elite few, but free for the masses to admire.

Fashion – traditional vs current

A Vietnamese couple wearing traditional Korean costume. If not for the modern buildings and guys in the background, one would have fallen back in time. Shot on Samsung S6.


Tradition for rent – you can return to history for a few hours by renting the traditional Korean Hanbok with a few hundred dollars.