Been on a hiatus as I was learning how to bake.

This strawberry shortcake was my first attempt in blending flour and sugar to create the batter that would produce a soft sponge cake. The aesthetic and taste were incredible.

Feeling satisfied with my Samsung note food photography.

Humble Italian Food

The chef at this inconspicuous Italian food stall did not have a shiny signboard. Only one small sign said “trained in Le Cordon Bleu”.

My curiosity was piqued and ordered a Worcester Sauce Chicken and Aglio Olio angel hair with rosemary chicken.

The food that came was piping hot and tasted amazing!

Coming from this humble-loooking stall, it gave a new meaning to you can’t judge the food by their looks.

Oishii 9 – No frills

The Japanese believe in enjoying ingredients in its raw fresh form. This seafood don has no seasoning, just plain old goodness of the ocean.

And we found it not in a fancy upmarket restaurant, but a small shop tucked in a corner after a long street of restaurants catered for tourists in Otaru, Hokkaido. Following the local scent led us here and this policy has not failed us once again.