Flower teapot

No tea or coffee will pour from this teapot but I ain’t thirsty.



This tree has fallen for months. And yet it hasn’t rot. It thrives and continues its greenery.

Just like us humans. When we uproot ourselves, we will continue to thrive in the new environment with the right support – host, friendship, colleagues, neighbors……

Just keep an open mind and embrace the new.

Great to be Alive

Our lime plant must be either very sweet or very healthy. Even the butterflies were lured there to lay eggs. Their offspring wasted no time to nibble at the leaves. We took them home and my little princess adopted them as her pets. She named them Poopy and Muncher cos all they do are eat and poop!

She never got sick of watching them the whole day. This is the life cycle of a living thing playing out right before her eyes. It’s a better teacher and learning experience than any science textbook.