Oishii 5 – Michelin

We managed to get seats in this quaint building without reservation, and had a delicious nabe hotpot seafood dinner in restaurant Kumagera, Furano, Hokkaido.

Then we saw foreign food variety shows had featured this place. Then I googled and found it received its one-star Michelin status in 2012. It was not planned as I said. We just got lucky and celebrated our anniversary there with a beautiful dinner.

Surprisingly delighted with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Oishii 1 – Ebi

Still missing fresh seafood from Japan after my trip.

Our motto was to avoid restaurants packed with tourists and go to the alleys to seek where the Japanese salarymen, office ladies or students frequent to fill their stomachs.

Our best meals were eaten in places we stumbled upon accidentally and so probably not named by travel or food bloggers. But our motto has served us well in Japan. Taking the less- trodden path, we were never disappointed in our foodie adventures. And they were prepared healthily, so we never felt bloated or sick from eating them. No wonder Japanese live long long.

Dish #1: The one-dish restaurant in Noboribetsu – tempura with rice or cold/ hot soba. Either dish is a win-win situation. It is crispy licking-licious! Sobadokoro Fukan, must go.