The otters came in a family and to their delight, found a school of fish.

My ears still echoed with the sound of their teeth, as they yanked off the fishes head with one big bite. A seemingly cute creature with such sharp weapons to feast. The wonder of Mother Nature never fails to amaze.

Oishii 9 – No frills

The Japanese believe in enjoying ingredients in its raw fresh form. This seafood don has no seasoning, just plain old goodness of the ocean.

And we found it not in a fancy upmarket restaurant, but a small shop tucked in a corner after a long street of restaurants catered for tourists in Otaru, Hokkaido. Following the local scent led us here and this policy has not failed us once again.

Oishii 5 – Michelin

We managed to get seats in this quaint building without reservation, and had a delicious nabe hotpot seafood dinner in restaurant Kumagera, Furano, Hokkaido.

Then we saw foreign food variety shows had featured this place. Then I googled and found it received its one-star Michelin status in 2012. It was not planned as I said. We just got lucky and celebrated our anniversary there with a beautiful dinner.

Surprisingly delighted with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8.