Wife: Ooooh, where’s my hubby? It’s so late and he’s not back yet. He’s gonna get it from me!

Husband: (cowering behind the fence). Damn, I should never have stayed for another round of drinks when Sam asked me!



Ostrich A: The farmer next door said if we job hop to his farm, he’ll feed us 4 meals a day instead of 3.

Ostrich B: Should we hop or should we not hop?

Ostrich C: Why don’t we shoot both farmers and run the farm ourselves? That way, we are at nobody’s mercy?

Hearing familiar political talk with my Samsung Note 8.

Amazing life

Our caterpillar has hatched into a beautiful butterfly and flew back to mother nature.

Princess said though she was sad to see it go, at least they have spent some good times together. She has learned an amazing lesson about life. Often, we cannot control the length of time we spent with someone, but at least, we can improve the quality of the time we spent together.