News flash

Just want to break a piece of delightful news here.  Television Documentary series “What a Unique Town!” just won the best documentary minutes ago at the MediaCorp Star Awards. As the researcher of this series, I am so delighted with the recognition accorded to the production team from August Pictures!

This will be the 2nd award for Unique Towns after taking Macau’s Rainbow Award last year. Next week, it will be receiving the silver medal for Best Environment and Ecology documentary category at the New York Festivals World’s Best TV and Films!

The series features lesser known towns around the world which have unique features: one is a female only village in Brazil resided by 300 pretty women, another is a Japanese mountain town which has succeeded in recycling and creating zero waste, and in the middle of India is a poor village full of fanatical Charlie Chaplin fans! There are many stories to tell in the world and I had great joy researching on every one of them.

Check out the music video for a sneak preview of this amazing documentary. Unique Towns MV

≪这个乡镇好独特≫刚刚在红星大奖荣获≪最佳资讯节目奖≫。作为这个节目的资料撰稿员,我为 August Pictures 受到肯定,感到满心喜悦!

Unique Towns




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